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Diesel Generator Set

Power Up Your Site with a Reliable 130 Kva Generator , Find Yours Here

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of power generators in China, Shandong Supermaly Generating Equipment Co., Ltd. is proud to present its top-performing 130 Kva generator. This powerful and reliable generator is designed to provide uninterrupted electricity supply to residential, commercial, industrial, and construction sites. Our 130 Kva generator boasts innovative features and advanced technology, ensuring smooth and efficient power delivery. It is equipped with a highly durable and fuel-efficient diesel engine, coupled with a high-efficiency alternator to generate stable and constant power. Additionally, this generator is designed with a user-friendly control panel, making it easy to operate and maintain. At our factory, we strictly adhere to international manufacturing standards, ensuring each product goes through rigorous quality checks before shipment. With fast delivery and reliable customer service, we take pride in providing quality solutions for our clients' power needs. Choose Shandong Supermaly Generating Equipment Co., Ltd. for a high-quality and efficient 130 Kva generator.

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