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Technical Data of Cummins Gas Generator Set

Optional Configuration

ATS automatic load conversion screen
Control panel with “three remote” function unit
Self-protecting, self-starting unit control panel
Mobile trailer type power station (cage trailer)
Oil and water jacket anti-condensation heater
Silent generator(cabinet)
Battery float charger

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features

The main product of Supermaly - Cummins gas generator set:

America Cummins company is a leading manufacturer of produce, design, and sale compressed natural gas engines in worldwide today. Its products adopt American advanced manufacturing technology, develop and design by leading heavy-duty engine technology concept. It has strong power, high reliability, good durability, small size, high power, large torque, large torque reserve, strong versatility of parts, safe and environmentally friendly product advantages.

As a Cummins start-up (OEM) factory, uphold professional manufacturing level, focusing on the manufacture of gas generators for 12 years. Widely used in highways, railways, hotels, hospitals, enterprises, oil, ships, national defense and other fields. Our products are of excellent quality and are sold at dmoestic and abroad market, widely praised by customers at domestic and abroad.

Relevant To Genset

Professional manufacturing: Centennial Cummins has mastered the world's leading engine manufacturing technology. They has established 19 R&D and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, India, Japan, Brazil and China, and established a strong global R&D network with more than 300 test labs.

Patented technology: Holset turbocharging system. Engine integrated design, reduced 40% parts, lower failure rate; forged steel camshaft, shaft journal induction quenching, improved durability; piston nickel alloy cast iron setting, wet cylinder liner phosphating.

Proprietary accessories: Advanced materials and manufacturing processes, consistent global quality standards, superior quality and outstanding performance ensure engine optimum performance and effectively extend the service life of the engine.

Professional qualification: Cummins has a strict OEM management system. As a OEM factory of Cummins, we have official authorization and ISO9001 quality certification etc.

Standard Configuration

1. Internal combustion engine.
2. Pure copper brushless AC synchronous generator (single bearing, global warranty).
3. Suitable for environment 40 ° C -50 ° C radiator tank, belt drive cooling fan, fan safety shield.
4. Power output is air switch, equip with control screen; (digital display control module, supports eight languages worldwide).
5. Generator use steel common foundation (including: generator composite damping absorber).
6. Dry air filter, lube oil filter, starting motor, and self-charging generator.
7. Starting battery and battery start connection cable.
8. Industrial 90dB silencer and standard parts for connection.
9. Molded case circuit breaker.
10. Thickened plastic film packaging.
11. Random data: diesel generator and original technical documents, generator sets specification, test reports etc.


Cummins Brand of Natural Gas Gensets Main Technical Specifications:

Genset Model Rated
Lube Oil
kw/kvA kw/kvA
25GFT 25/31.25 27.5/34 SP4BT 4.L 102x120 0.3 1.6 PI144G 1800X710X1350 860
50GFT 50/62.5 55/69 SP6BT 6.L 102x120 0.3 1.6 UCI224E 2300X820X1400 1250
80GFT 80/100 88/110 SP6BTAA 6.L 102x120 0.3 1.6 UCI274C 3150X1000X1500 2550
100GFT 100/125 110/137.5 SP6CTA 6.L 114x135 0.3 1.6 UCI274D 3150X1000X1500 2600
120GFT 120/150 132/165 SP6CTAA 6.L 114x135 0.3 1.6 UCI274F 3150X1000X1500 2650
150GFT 150/187.5 165/206 SPNTA 6.L 140x152 0.3 1.6 UCI274G 3150X1000X1500 2900
200GFT 200/250 220/275 SPNTAA 6.L 140x152 0.3 1.6 UCI274K 3150X1000X1500 2960
250GFT 250/312.5 275/344 SPKTA19 6.L 159x159 0.3 1.6 HCI444D 3470X1230X2300 3640
300GFT 300/375 330/412.5 SPKTAA19 6.L 159x159 0.3 1.6 HCI444FS 3470X1230X2300 3850
400GFT 400/500 440/550 SPKTA38 12.V 159x159 0.3 1 HCI544C 4250X1700X2185 5880
500GFT 500/625 550/687.5 SPKTA38 12.V 159x159 0.3 1 HCI544FS 4250X1700X2185 6080

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