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Supermaly 6 containerized generator sets delivery site

In supermaly’s shipment site, our protagonist – a batch of standard containerized generator sets specially crafted for exporting overseas, are ready to ship, and are about to cross the mountains and the sea.

This batch of gensets is Supermaly’s ingenious industrial masterpiece. They cleverly integrate the high-efficiency power generation system with the standardized container, which not only retains the professional performance of the power generation equipment, but also gives it convenient and flexible logistic characteristics, which makes them as easy as a fish in the domestic transportation.


What is even more remarkable is that these generator sets precisely fit the international shipping regulations, realizing a seamless connection with the world’s major port facilities and ship loading systems. Riding the waves on the vast ocean, crossing the borders in a swift and safe way, and delivering abundant power to every corner of the world, fully demonstrates supermaly’s in-depth understanding and precise grasp of the customer’s needs.


These supermaly standard containerized generator sets, with their excellent design, convenient transportation characteristics and far-reaching international influence, vividly illustrate the innovative charm and global commitment of Made in China. They are ready to go, and will soon start a period of energy journey connecting China and the world.

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Post time: Apr-25-2024