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1000kva Cummins generator correct operation procedures, a step can not be wrong!

1000kva Cummins generator correct operation procedures, a step can not be wrong! 1000kva Cummins generator, high power unit full of power, is the ideal choice for backup power. 1000kva Cummins generators are operated by personnel who are familiar with the structure of the unit and master the operating procedures of the generator set, and 1000kva Cummins generators that are new or not used for a long time pass strict inspection before normal operation. So what is the correct operating procedure for the 1000kva Cummins generator?


1.1000kva Cummins generator before starting
1) Open the doors and Windows of the 1000kva Cummins generator room to ensure ventilation.
2) Take out the dipstick and check the oil level. Should be between the high and low limits (two opposite arrows), not enough to add.
3) Check the amount of fuel, insufficient to add.
Note: 2, 3 items at a time to add enough, try to avoid refueling in the operation of the machine. After adding, be careful to wipe the spilled or spilled oil clean.
4) Check the cooling water, insufficient to supplement. Change it once a year.
5) The battery adopts the floating charging method, check the 1000kva Cummins generator electrolyte level every week, less than distilled water, the liquid level is about 8-10 mm higher than the electric board.
Note: When the battery is charged, flammable gas is produced, and the open flame should be prohibited.


2. 1000kva Cummins generator starts
Turn off the circuit breaker, make sure that no one is at the fan end, and start the machine. At the same time, pay attention to the oil pressure gauge. If the oil pressure is still not displayed or less than 2bar after 6 seconds of starting, the 1000kva Cummins generator should be shut down immediately. At the same time, pay attention to the smoke exhaust situation and pay attention to the running sound, and stop the machine in time if there is an anomaly.
Third, 1000kva Cummins generator power supply
After 1000kva Cummins generator no-load operation for a period of time, observe that the three-phase voltage is normal, the frequency is stable, and the cooling water temperature rises to 45 degrees Celsius, determine that the mains switch is off, notify the relevant circuit maintenance departments and users, and push the circuit breaker to power.
Cummins is today the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel engines. 1000kva Cummins generator adopts advanced manufacturing technology, developed and designed with the concept of heavy engine technology. 900kw Cummins generator has the advantages of strong power, high reliability, good durability, excellent fuel economy, small size, large power, large torque, large torque reserve, strong versatility of parts and environmental protection.
As a Cummins (OEM) factory, Shandong supermaly has a full range of products such as open frame generator set, silent generator set, mobile trailer generator set, lighthouse generator set, container generator set, etc. The company’s 1000kva Cummins generator products are reliable and sold at home and abroad, and are widely praised by domestic and foreign users.

Post time: Aug-17-2023