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300kw diesel generator set water tank maintenance

300kw diesel generator set water tank maintenance, many users do not know much about this aspect, today to explain in detail for you.300_页面_08

Heat sink maintenance basics
1. Cleaning of radiator
Water radiators need regular maintenance to ensure the heat exchange of coolant and air. Under normal circumstances, the diesel engine should be cleaned on the outside and inside of the water radiator every 500h or so. To clean up the scale and precipitated impurities inside the radiator, the water in the radiator can be drained first, and then the water with a certain pressure (such as tap water) can be passed into the radiator core until the flowing water is clean.
2, radiator maintenance
After using the water radiator for a period of time, if there is a leak, it can be repaired with solder. When individual pipes are seriously damaged and cannot be repaired, the pipes are allowed to be blocked, but the number of blocked pipes cannot be more than three, otherwise it may lead to the diesel engine outlet temperature exceeding the permissible range.
3. Daily precautions
The pressure cover located on the water radiator inlet can increase the pressure of the system to a certain range, which not only improves the boiling point of the coolant, but also improves the anti-cavitation ability of the diesel engine and the water pump. A steam valve and an air valve are arranged in the pressure cap. When the positive or negative pressure in the water radiator exceeds the specified value, the valve located in the pressure cap will automatically open to achieve the purpose of steam discharge or air entry.
When the diesel generator is working, the pressure cap should be closed so as not to hinder the normal operation of the cooling system. It is necessary to often check the coolant level in the water radiator and timely supplement the liquid level is too low will affect the cooling effect of the system, aggravate the cavitation of the diesel engine, then it is necessary to add coolant to the water radiator, but be careful to prevent steam injury.
Do not open the pressure cap of the water tank during heavy-duty operation of the diesel engine, and unscrew the pressure cap after parking until the water temperature is below 70º.
Before starting the diesel engine, the cooling system should not be filled with coolant too quickly. At this time, the water temperature sensor at the end of the outlet pipe of the cylinder head should be loosened to eliminate the air in the coolant flow path. After filling up, stop for two minutes until the air in the system overflows and then fill again.
Diesel engines working in low temperature environment should be opened immediately after stopping the water valve to drain the cooling water in the water radiator to prevent freezing and cracking.
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Post time: Aug-03-2023