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Diesel generator set manufacturers find Shandong supermaly

Diesel generator set as an independent power generation equipment, full of power, strong power, quick start, simple operation, easy maintenance. Favored by customers, it can be described as a helpful helper for the production of power supply in daily life, but how to find a reliable diesel generator manufacturers is a knowledge, countless users are in the headache of this problem.


Have you ever had such an experience: want to buy a diesel generator set, whether it is in the local hardware and electrical market, or on the Internet, you will find that the diesel generator set brand is too much, there are well-known brands, there are some small brands that can not be named, it is dazzling. Secondly, the price is chaotic, the same power of the diesel generator set, the price difference is very large, even tens of thousands of yuan. We are all laymen who simply do not understand: “Why the diesel generator sets that look similar in appearance will have such a big difference”. So, how can we identify which diesel generator manufacturer is good? Next, from the following three aspects of diesel generator manufacturers are identified and analyzed.
First, look at the strength of the enterprise:
Whether the diesel generator set manufacturer is good or not, the main investigation is whether the factory building, scale, conventional models have inventory, production and testing equipment. Standardized product nameplates, certificates, instructions, three package certificates and product packaging can see the scale and strength of this enterprise.
Second, look at the service capacity:
First of all, in the purchase process to understand whether it has a sense of service, that is, to see whether the service attitude is good; Secondly, see whether there is a corresponding supply of accessories on the market; Then see if there are professional service personnel.
Third, look at the purchase user profile
Through the user profile, you can find out how many users have approved this product.
The word “unit manufacturers thousands of thousands, love Shandong supermaly.” Why? !
Consistent quality? A wide selection of models? The strength of well-known brands?
Professional protection after sale? The qualification of authoritative certification? Global sales?
NO! None of this is the point!
Diesel generator set manufacturers looking for Shandong supermaly reason: reliable unit configuration
Shandong supermaly diesel generator set has many advantages: automation, four protection, automatic switching, low noise and mobile high quality and low energy consumption!
Four protection methods: energy saving and environmental protection, low consumption and low price, strong power, full of electricity
Automation control screen: The automation control screen integrates digital, intelligent, networking technology for a single generator set automation and monitoring system, to achieve the diesel generator set automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” function.
Power output circuit breaker: The use of reliable performance and multi-protection function of the brand circuit breaker, easy wiring, firm, high contact reliability, strong shock resistance, good protection.
Starting motor: electric drive starts the diesel engine, reduces the trouble of manual starting the engine, starts quickly and can be reused.
Shock absorber: It extends the service life of diesel generator set and effectively reduces the noise caused by machine vibration.
Radiator: with fan and protective cover, the use of closed integral water tank, its core is composed of staggered arrangement of heat dissipation pipe and heat sink, effectively prevent the diesel generator long time running heat is too high, the temperature is too high will damage the unit.
Original brand engine: As a supporting OEM factory for Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Doosan, MAN, MTU, Weichai, Shangchai, Yuchai and other major brands, it has high power, low fuel consumption, and lower price for the same configuration.
Pure copper brushless AC synchronous generator: The use of pure copper brushless alternator, the output power is sufficient.
Diesel engine filter, oil filter: filter out harmful particles and water in the engine fuel gas system, filter out harmful impurities in the oil pan, reduce wear and avoid clogging.
Common base: After corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance treatment, surface spray, not easy to damage, increase the service life.
supermaly kit: Complete set of tools for commissioning and maintenance, handy, high-quality titanium alloy, durable.
Since 2007, Shandong supermaly has more than 90 patents, more than 30 series of more than 200 varieties and specifications of products. At the same time with import and export rights, diesel generator set products are exported to Europe, Africa, South America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, West Asia and other more than 80 regions, has been in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and other more than 20 regions to establish a solid relationship of cooperation, in the industry in a leading position. Green new energy, international supermaly, strong manufacturers, trustworthy, welcome the majority of unit users to visit the factory, you can also log in Shandong supermaly official website, we are always ready to meet your arrival.

Post time: Sep-06-2023