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The second batch of Supermaly containerized gensets was successfully delivered

Recently, Supermaly’s second batch of containerized gensets successfully completed delivery, providing strong support to Liaoning Energy Group.


As one of the top ten genset exporters, Supermaly has always been committed to providing customers with high quality and reliable products. The 2200KW containerized high-voltage gensets delivered this time are made of advanced technology and materials, with excellent performance and stable operation characteristics, and are able to provide support for Liaoning Energy Group’s power supply with high efficiency and continuity.

The containerized gensets are Supermaly’s customized solution to provide customers with more convenient and flexible power generation capabilities. The structural design of this containerized genset has been carefully considered to provide good sound insulation and protection performance, which can be adapted to various complex environmental conditions.

With the successful delivery of this set of containerized gensets, Supermaly has once again demonstrated its excellent capability and professionalism in the field of power generation equipment manufacturing. Our company will continue to innovate and improve the quality and performance of its products to provide customers with more comprehensive and better solutions. As a company with good reputation and expertise, Supermaly will continue to provide more customers with efficient and reliable energy equipment and solutions.

Post time: Dec-07-2023