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Silent Generator Set Manufacturer Direct Sales

Optional Configuration
1. ATS automatic load conversion control panel.
2. with “three remote” function control panel.
3. Self-protection, self-starting unit control panel.
4. Oil, diesel and water jacket anti-condensation heater.
5. Separated type daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank.
6. Charger for battery.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features

The main product of the horsepower - silent generator set:
Ingeniously made, different. Compared with the open frame unit, the silent unit is more comfortable and convenient. There is no need to set up a rainproof shed or other buildings, it is convenient to put outdoors, and it is quieter in crowded areas. The noise level of the same type silent unit is 20 decibels lower than that of the open type unit. More material, anti-corrosion and noise reduction. It adopts 3mm steel plate international cold-rolled steel plate, which is 50% thicker than similar products. In the interior, the use of 5cm high flame-retardant sound-absorbing cotton, sound insulation and sound absorption is better. Noise reduction effect, industry leading. The noise standard of similar products is 80 decibels (dB), and our product is below 75 decibels. The operation effect is quieter and meets more industry standards. The Supermaly silent generator set technology is reliable, durable and long-lasting. Create more economic value for you at a lower cost.

Strictly choose the brand, technology is the first. The core components of the unit are preferably well-known brands at domestic and abroad, which are efficient and durable, reduce maintenance costs and improve power supply efficiency. Optional services are available from engine to generator, tailored to meet your needs. The Supermaly silent generator set has Perkins, Cummins, Ricardo, Deutz, Weichai, Yuchai and other famous domestic and foreign brand engines, equipped with Stanford, Marathon, Beverly, Landian and other brand alternators, professional quality is trustworthy.

Relevant to genset

Comprehensive models and diverse combinations
Diesel and gas generator sets are available, either stand-alone or in parallel, providing a more diverse power mix.

From the inside out, 3D stereo noise reduction
The device is low noise. Well-known brand components have good working stability, less vibration of the equipment body, and a natural advantage of low mechanical noise.

Low heat dissipation. The mature fan water cooling system reduces the noise generated by the overheating of the body, and the low wind resistance fan reduces the fan running noise.

Channel noise reduction. The high-efficiency noise-reducing multi-channel intake and exhaust design fully reduces noise on the basis of ensuring the power performance of the unit.

Its material is soundproof. It is equipped with sound-proof and flame-retardant materials to ensure the safety of the unit and reduce the noise transmission effect.

The exhaust vent is silenced. The exhaust vent is equipped with an impedance composite muffler to minimize exhaust noise.

It is patented for noise reduction. The company has developed a patented technology for the muffler cover of the generator set. It has a soundproof casing on the front, rear, left and right sides, and a louver ventilation design to block noise.

It can protect against rain and snow and mud. A pointed top or a topped roof prevents the acid from eroding the top of the snow or rain, prolonging the life of the silent enclosure of the generator set.

Heavy safety protection, durable and safer
Anti-overload. The operating state of the equipment is monitored in real time through the control panel, and the body damage caused by abnormal operation is prevented by the emergency stop switch during the operation overload.

Anti-corrosion. It is processed by international standard cold-rolled steel as raw material, sprayed or painted, and coated with factory standard paint to prevent rain from corroding the surface.

Anti-burning. Water-cooled fan cooling system, louver window ventilation design to prevent overheating of the body; high flame-retardant sound-absorbing cotton allows flame retardant multilayer protection.

Standard Configuration

1. Internal combustion engine (diesel and natural gas).
2. Pure copper brushless ac synchronous generator (single bearing, global protection).
3. suitable for the environment of 40℃-50℃ radiator tank, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety cover.
4. Air switch for power generation and output, standard control panel; (digital display control module supports eight languages).
5. Common steel base for the unit (including: composite vibration damping rubber pad for the unit).
6. Dry type air filter, fuel filter, lubricating oil filter, starter motor and self-charging generator.
7. The battery for start and connection cable.
8. Industrial 90dB muffler and connection standard parts.
9. molded case circuit breaker.
10. Silent type(cabinet).
11. Thickened plastic film packaging.
12. Random data: original technical documents of diesel engine and generator, generator set specification, test report, etc.


Main parameter of Supermaly silent type diesel generator set:

Rated power KW 20 200 600 800 1000
Engine Model SP4100DT SP12V138DT KTA38-G2 KTA38-G5 KTA50-G3
No.of Cylinder 4L 12V 12V 12V 12V
Alternator Model PI044F UCD274K LVI634B HCl634J P1734A
Overall size mm 2000×730×1320 3060×1350×1790 4500x1700x2400 4700x1800x2500 4950x2080x2560
Gross weight kg 620 3300 8000 9500 10120

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