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Cummins 200KVA Generator Set

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Cummins 200KVA Diesel Generator Genset Parameters:
Genset Model:SC220GFS Steady State Voltage Regulation: ≤±0.5%
Power:200KVA Transient Voltage Regulation: ≤±15%
Factor:COSφ=0.8(lagging) Voltage Fluctuation:≤±0.5%
Voltage:400V/230V Voltage Waveform Distortion Degree: ≤5%
Current:288A Voltage Settling Time: ≤1.5sec
Frequency/Speed:50Hz/1500rpm Steady State Frequency Regulation: ≤±2%
Start Method:electrical starting Transient Ffrequency Regulation: ≤±5%
Fuel Consumption at 100% Load:206g/kw-h Frequency Settling Time:≤ 3sec
Fuel Grade:(standard)0#light diesel oil(at normal temperature) Frequency Fluctuation Rrate(%):≤±0.5%
Lubricating Oil Grade:(standard)SAE15W/40 Noise(LP1m): 100dB(A)
Size(mm):2460*960*1650 Weight:2050KG

Diesel Engine Parameters :

Brand: cummins
Cooling method: closed water cooling
Model: 6CTAA8.3-G2 Type: 4-stroke, exhaust gas turbocharged, direct injection compression-ignition
Power: 229KVA Compression Ratio:18.0:1
Number of cylinders: 6/L type Speed regulation mode: electronic speed regulation/mechanical speed regulation
Displacement: 8.3L Bore*Stroke: 114mm*135mm
Starting mode: DC24V electric start Speed: 1500rpm
Generator Technical Parameters:
Brand: Supermaly Degree of protection: IP22
Model: UC274H Wiring: three-phase four-wire, Y-type connection
Power:200KVA Adjustment method: AVR (automatic voltage regulator)
Voltage: 400V/230V Output frequency: 50Hz
Insulation Grade: Class H Excitation mode: brushless self-excitation

The standard configuration of the generator set is as follows:

Ø Direct injection internal combustion engine (diesel);
Ø AC synchronous generator (single bearing);
Ø Suitable for environment: 40°C-50°C radiator water tank, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety cover;
Ø Power generation output air switch, standard control panel;
Ø Steel common base of the unit (including: vibration damping rubber pad of the unit);
Ø Dry air filter, diesel filter, lubricating oil filter, starting motor, and equipped with self-charging generator;
Ø starting battery and battery starting connecting cable;
Ø Industrial silencers and standard parts for connections
ØRandom data: diesel engine and generator original technical documents, generator set manuals, test reports, etc.

Optional Accessories:

Ø Oil, diesel, water jacket heater, anti-condensation heater Ø Split daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank
Ø Battery float charger Ø Rainproof unit (cabinet)
Ø Self-protection, self-starting unit control panel Ø Silent unit (cabinet)
Ø With “three remote control” function unit control screen Ø Mobile Trailer Power Station (Cabinet Trailer)
ØATS automatic load conversion screen Ø Silent mobile power station (cabinet trailer)

Warranty period:

12 months or 1,500 hours of cumulative operation after the commissioning and acceptance of the unit (domestic);
Due to product quality problems, free maintenance or replacement parts are implemented, and lifelong paid services are provided!
(Wearing parts, common parts, man-made damage, negligent maintenance, etc. are not covered by the warranty)
If it is adjusted by the original factory, the original warranty regulations will be implemented!
Executive Standards:
Quality management system ISO9001
The industry implementation standard GB/T2820.1997
Shipping Method:
Door-to-door pick-up, special car delivery, car stowage, etc

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